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Operation 'Badli'

Operation 'Badli' was the code name given to the great migration from Dehradun to Khadakwasla, Pune. The word Dehradun comes from the etymological root of "Dera-Drona" or the camp of Drona. The shifting of the epicenter of this Academy from the historical Camp of Drona to Khadakwasla is nestled at the foot of the Sahyadri Ranges in the Western Ranges in the Western watershed of the Mula River Valley. It is located 12 miles from Pune (former Poona of the Raj days), the 200 year old adminstrative seat of the Peshwas. The Khadakwasla complex is dominated by the looming blue skyline of the Singhgarh Fort Complex. It looms over the academy like a colossus, an overpowering iconic presence. It is a peak with a personality. Situated atop this blue massif is the famous Singhgarh Fort which Tanaji Malusare, the favourate General ofShivaji had captured from the Moghuls in a daring and incredible assault up a cliff face.

Thus, ironically, the NDA had orignated from the ancient Camp of Drona (of the Mahabharata fame) and migrated to Shivaji's seat of the Indian Military Revival that had occurred near Pune.

The standards of planning and execution of Operation Badli can be gauged from the amazing fact that the total damage incurred was Rupees Five only!!

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